Isn't Travie McCoy the only one who sings "Billionaire," not Bruno Mars?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, McCoy is not the only voice you hear on the "Billionaire" track. In fact, Bruno Mars wrote most of the lyrics and instrumentals for "Billionaire" and performs the actual singing (not the rapping) part of the song. His is the softer voice that you hear during the melodic portions of the song. The song, however, does list McCoy first as the artist and "features" Mars (My source for this is a brief clip about McCoy that I watched recently on VH1).

I enjoy the song's mix of tones--one of longing for something more in life (Bruno Mars) and the more aggressive tone (Travie McCoy) which implies that someone deserves and is entitled to have more from life. I think that the two performers' mixing their styles make that message possible.

donaldholton | Student

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azrulafeze | Student

the song is actually sung by both of them.