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Perhaps what's more important in a world that is full of diversity is a personal faith. I see "religion" more as the organization sometimes and less about the spiritual. In a world full of diversity, we might never agree on one religion, but we could probably agree on how the tenets of that religion boost our spiritual beliefs and practices as we develop our personal faith. 

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There is no perfect one, but there might be a perfect one for you.  It depends on which one speaks to you.  You should try them all.  Visit the place of worship, talk to people about converting, and read all you can.  You might see one that makes sense.

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This question is impossible to answer because the answer will be different for everyone. There are many factors that contribute to a persons beliefs, for example, how a person was raised and in what country, etc.

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There is no correct answer to this question. Each person is going to feel that their religion is the perfect one based on their personal beliefs. I guess to it depends on what you mean by the perfect one.

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There is no "Perfect Religion." Religion is meerly a belief and there is no "correct" religion in every human's eyes. There are Muslims whom believe that Islam is the perfect religion, the Jews believe in Judaism, and the Christians believe in Christianity as the True Religion. Though all different religions believe that their religion is the true perfect religion, there is no answer to be comprehended for this question.

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but, it is never impossible if you truely and wisely study each religion and pick out the most sensible and common sense one.