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Is ISIS getting bigger and more powerful? Will ISIS come to the U.S.?

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In terms of territory, ISIS is actually getting weaker.  The so-called caliphate is losing ground thanks to U.S.-led airstrikes and the work of the Iraqi Army.  Islamic State is hard to defeat since it is a non-state actor.  It has already invaded Europe through the Syrian refugee crisis and radicalization via social media.  France and Belgium have already been attacked by terrorists inspired by ISIS, and this in turn has created xenophobia in Europe at a time when refugees need a place to live.  In some ways, ISIS has already impacted America domestically--the shooting in the Orlando nightclub this past summer was inspired, in part, by ISIS.  While Islamic State may not use traditional soldiers, it uses terror cells to get what it wants, which is to create an "us versus them" relationship with the West.  ISIS may not ever claim part of America as its caliphate, but if it makes American citizens prejudiced against Islam and it drives a rift between America and the Arab world, then it feels as though it has done its job.  ISIS is the new face of America's enemy--a non-state actor who uses terror cells to get what they want.  This enemy is hard to pinpoint and kill, and all of our sophisticated weaponry is useless against someone who has been radicalized.  

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