Is "What is Ophelia's attitude towards Hamlet?" the same question as "Does Ophelia ever say she loves Hamlet?"

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I am thinking that they are probably two different questions.  The first, "What is Ophelia's attitude towards Hamlet?" is probably referring to her response when her father, the king and queen question her about Hamlet's behavior.  They are wanting, desperately, to know whether he is right in the head, if he is in need of help, or what the situation is, so the approach her.  Polonius thinks it might have something to do with how strangely Hamlet has been action towards her lately, so they approach Opehlia and ask her to go on a little recon mission to determine what Hamlet's state of mind is.

The second question, "Does Ophelia ever say that she loves Hamlet?" is more straightforward, and is probably asking just that.  In all her communications about Hamlet, or to Hamlet in the play, does she ever state that she loves him?  The answer is that she tends to focus more on how he has treated her, not how she feels about him.  She says that he led her to believe he cared for her, treated her nicely, etc., but doesn't really state her feelings.

I hope that answers your question; it was kind-of hard to ascertain exactly what you were asking.  Good luck!

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