Is this a story about humanity or the mystical?

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In a sense, this might be thought of as a trick question, simply because the most accurate answer might be that it is not strictly one or the other of these two things. This story is told by a woman from a North American Indian culture, and, in contrast to European-based cultures, the line between what might be called "human" and "spirit" or "mystical" is not clearly defined in the same way. It is quite normal within such cultures to experience humanity and the spirit world as being intermixed; thus, the notion that a story can only be one or the other is misleading. That is something more closely associated with strictly European-based points of view.

The narrator confronts the man on this question of mysticism versus their simple human selves. She asserts to him that they are not the mystical beings they spoke of when they met the night before. She is a person from the pueblo, and he is Silva, a man from nearby. But as she states these things, she herself is not entirely certain that they are true. She is unsure of the distinction between their human reality and the mystical aspects of their meeting. She feels at times like she is his prisoner, and yet when she has a clear opportunity to leave, she does not, feeling drawn to stay with the stranger for reasons she does not understand. In essence, the blurred lines that exist in this cultural context between mystical and purely human realities seems very much like an intentional theme in the story and perhaps a statement by the author.

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