Is there any foreshadowing in the book Lyddie by Katherine Paterson?

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Yes, there is some foreshadowing in Lyddie by Katherine Patterson.

One early instance of foreshadowing occurs while Lyddie is working at Cutler's Tavern. Lyddie engages in a very brief conversation with the woman in the pink, silk dress. The woman tells Lyddie about the potential earnings for factory girls. This foreshadows Lyddie's eventual move to the city to become a factory girl.

Another example can be found in chapter six. Lyddie meets Ezekial during this chapter, and he tells Lyddie that "a little reading is an exceedingly dangerous thing." This foreshadows Lyddie's desire to increase her reading level and overall education. In a way, Ezekial's comment foreshadows Lyddie's choice to go to college instead of return home.

Lyddie's conversation with Ezekial also brings up a bit of thematic foreshadowing. Ezekial is a runaway slave, and he subtly hints that Lyddie is a slave too. Lyddie fiercely defends the notion that she is not a slave; however, as the book continues, Lyddie becomes more and more aware of the similarities between Ezekial and herself.

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