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Is there any change in Nelly's attitudes toward Heathcliff & Catherine in chapter 1–15?

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Nelly's attitude toward Catherine does not really change in these chapters, or throughout the book as a whole, for that matter. While she pities Catherine's untimely death, she feels Catherine is unpleasantly willful and is the author of her own miseries. Nelly thinks Catherine's attitude toward Edgar, during both courtship and marriage, is thoughtless and considers her abandoning Heathcliff by marrying Edgar a betrayal of their childhood affections. Her attitude toward Heathcliff is more dynamic and complex, however.

Nelly's opinion of Heathcliff initially seems to be that she finds him greedy and cruel, though she does seem to pity his isolation. She says outright to Lockwood that Heathcliff is "Rough as a saw-edge, and hard as whinstone! The less you meddle with him the better!" Nelly has known Heathcliff from childhood and so has a special insight into how he became the way he is, though her opinion of him is still colored by her own moral views.

When Nelly starts telling the story...

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