Is "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe a horror story?

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As in many of Poe’s stories, "The Black Cat" employs a  narrator who spends the entire story trying to convince the reader (and most importantly himself) about his mental stability.  Obviously, when a man commits the heinous crimes that this man has, there is something terribly wrong.

The story would certainly qualify for the horror genre of stories.  The details of the story feature the murder of the narrator’s wife, burying an axe in her head.  To add to the horrific crime, the man walls up his wife's body  in the cellar of their house. The point of view is first person with the narrator sitting in jail awaiting his execution the next day.

Nothing constitutes revulsion more than the maiming of an innocent animal.   The cutting out of the cat’s eye both shocks and disgusts.  Taking the horror to the next level, the man hangs the cat on a limb of a tree in the yard. ...

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