Is NASA's 22.6 billion dollars for 2020 budget worth it or not? Explain?

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When considering what a $22.6 billion per year budget could do to address basic survival needs of the world's population, I would say that this budget for NASA could easily be rerouted. The United Nations has estimated that if $30 billion were spent each year on ending world hunger, world hunger would be eliminated, with increasing effectiveness, after one decade.

The budget for wars and global oppression, or as the United States administration calls it, "defense," was $686 billion in 2019. This outright means that the ability to end world hunger exists in the hands of powerful rulers who have chosen instead to place those funds into funding wars of aggression, policing, oppression, and technological advances that mainly benefit the ruling class. Especially considering how much NASA and the Department of (so-called) Defense are intertwined, this $22.6 billion budget could certainly be re-directed into funding free housing for every person (it's more realistic than you may think. There are more vacant/abandoned houses in this country than there are houseless people), free food programs, free medical care, etc. Unfortunately, people in power tend to want to maintain their consolidation of power, resources, and money rather than create abundance and well-being for all.

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