The Maids Questions and Answers
by Jean Genet

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Is it really true that Madame is younger than the sisters in The Maids? Why does she tell Solange, “I’m an old woman”? Also, Madame says that Claire and Solange are like daughters to her and she wants to leave them everything she has.

In The Maids, Madam is younger than the sisters. She is said to be around 25 years old, while the two sisters are between 30 and 35. Madam is actually younger than the maids, though saying she is older is a reflection of social status.

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The Maids is a play written by Jean Genet. It follows two sisters, Solange and Claire, who are servants to Madam.

Claire and Solange seem to play a game in which one of them pretends to be Madam, so that the other can utter the insults which they cannot speak in real life.

It's clear throughout the play that the two sisters despise their mistress. They've suffered much as maids and despise the Madam for her wealth and status. However, she seems kind, as we see in the brief interaction where she gives Claire the red dress and...

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