Is it possible for a foreign author/newsperson to consider American Society in a relatively fair manner?

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The concept of fairness suggests a concern with bias as contrasted to objectivity. The category of "author" includes poets, fiction writers, and essayists, all of whom write from their own personal perspectives. In terms of national origin, there is no reason to expect that a person born outside the United States would be likely to have a more positive or negative view of the country than someone born in it. The vast majority of Americans are descended from immigrants, and the United States has millions of naturalized citizens.

When we consider journalism, professionals commit to standards of objectivity, and readers should assume that they adhere to those standards. Among the notable foreign-born journalists currently working in US media is Christiane Amanpour on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS).

Many foreign residents have settled in the United States because of strong differences with the government in their home countries or even fear of persecution or physical violence. A good example is presented by Cubans opposed to Castro's regime. In such cases, pro-American biases may be evident.

In some countries, the freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution—notably speech and press—do not apply, and writers follow the instructions of the state-regulated press. North Korea, for example, has only state-controlled media. In such cases, reporters' views will confirm to the official version.

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