Is it ethical for a seller to make extravagant claims about merchandise?

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It is most certainly not ethical for a seller to make extravagant claims about merchandise.

This represents nothing less than a fraud on the general public, who need to have confidence in the products that they buy. Although there are different levels of extravagance when it comes to making claims about products, they are all unethical in that they are designed to hoodwink people into parting with their money.

To be sure, this is not the same as making products look better through glossy advertising and expensive marketing. What we're talking about here are truth claims, and making extravagant claims about a product involves inviting potential customers to accept the truth claims made by the relevant seller.

If such claims are extravagant, it invariably means that they aren't backed up by evidence. That being the case, the relevant seller is guilty of selling a product which they know falls short of the claims that they make for it. In every case, this is unethical behavior. But in cases where the products concerned are touted as cures for illnesses, extravagant claims take on a whole new level of moral turpitude as their sale can easily lead to death or serious injury.

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