Is "I Will Marry When I Want" still applicable in the contemporary world?

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While not all of the themes in the Kenyan play "I Will Marry When I Want" may resound with all modern readers, there are others that are extremely relevant today. The play has a strong political message, some if which is specific to the political atmosphere in Kenya at the time of its writing, but which is also connected with other political struggles across history and across the globe. For instance, throughout the play, the rich and ruling class are portrayed as parasites who have stolen all of their wealth from the poor. This is an incredibly common and meaningful image today, in a world where wealth has only become more concentrated overall. The final scene of the play jumps us ahead in time to a place where the greedy capitalist has won the land he sought and used it to build a factory, while the people who he dispossessed are poor and depressed. This scene reinforces the message, and echoes true with the experience of poverty and capitalist competition that many people are familiar with.

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