Is Gabriel Troy's brother?

Yes, Gabriel is Troy's brother. Gabriel lives with Troy and Rose and then with Miss Pearl following a head injury he suffered in World War II before Troy has him placed in an institution.

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In the play, Gabriel Maxson is Troy's younger brother. Because he suffered a head injury in World War II, Gabriel is mentally impaired through loss of intellectual capacity and has visions or delusions. For a long time, he lived with Troy and Rose, who used his disability money to buy the house Rose now is determined to fence in. Gabriel later lives in a boarding house with Miss Pearl. Miss Pearl, whose name is an allusion to the pearly gates of heaven, is another reminder that Gabriel, liked the biblical angel Gabriel, is a messenger of God's words. Other angelic symbolism includes Gabriel wearing a trumpet and his belief that Peter is waiting to open heaven's gates for him.

Troy has Gabriel committed to a mental institution after he is sent to jail for his bizarre antics, although it is unclear whether Troy fully knew what he was doing when he signed the papers. In any case, Troy's act is part of a pattern of his interpreting his responsibility toward his family as providing food and shelter, not meeting their emotional needs.

At Troy's funeral, which Gabriel is allowed to attend, he dances, cries out to St. Peter to open heaven for his brother, and tries to blow on his trumpet, suggesting that despite his flaws, Troy is still a child of God.

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