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Is empowerment a foregone conclusion when discussing the essay prompt, "To what extent does children’s literature empower the reader?"

Empowerment is definitely a foregone conclusion when discussing the extent to which children's literature empowers the reader. Reading is one of the most significant building blocks of success, and by fostering a love of reading from a young ago, children's literature helps children to grow into confident, successful adults.

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I emphatically agree with the statement that children's literature empowers the reader. Children's literature is where the love of reading begins, and reading is the foundation to success in just about every field imaginable. Getting a child comfortable with books and reading from a young age is, I would argue, one of the most empowering things a parent can do for their child.

Children's literature gives children the opportunity to discover the magic of words through the medium of stories which are written for their enjoyment and pitched at their level of understanding. I would go as far as to argue that even if a child is reading comic books, they are stretching their minds in ways that will empower them in the future.

If one considers the factors which empower us as adults, a deep understanding of the world around us—and of specific subject matter that pertains to our field of work—is of the utmost importance. This understanding comes from reading books and online materials. By sewing the seeds of a love of reading and learning in a small child, you are empowering him or her with the tools that they will need to succeed as an adult.

In summary, children's literature empowers the reader in every way, because it is these fun stories—often focusing on adventure or a fantasy world—that creates lifelong readers.

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