New Moon Questions and Answers
by Stephenie Meyer

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Is Bella happy with Edward's return?

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After suffering greatly for months in the wake of Edward abruptly leaving from her life, seemingly for good, Bella is understandably conflicted about his return to Forks. Edward's departure had put her in a state of depression that affected her mental health to the point of memory loss, lack of motivation, and even risky thrill-seeking behavior that on more than one occasion could have killed her. Furthermore, she is frustrated that he lied and told her that he did not love her anymore, rather than just telling her the truth of needing to keep her safe.

Ultimately, however, she is able to forgive him and is truly happy that he has returned to Forks. She realizes that she likely would not have accepted his leaving to keep her safe and would have insisted that they stay together. Furthermore, they have just survived a close confrontation with the deadly Volturi together and have the bigger decision about Bella's transformation to make. This puts the previous conflict into larger perspective.

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