Is a stimulus is an external physical event that occurs only after the behavior?

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I believe that this question is asking whether or not the statement provided is true. If that is the case, then the statement is false. Generally speaking, a stimulus precedes a behavior.

In biology, a stimulus is more often than not some kind of environmental factor that causes a response. Some responses are not under conscious control. When the doctor tests the reflex in the knee, he/she provides a stimulus by tapping just below the kneecap. That stimulus generates a response, and the leg kicks forward. Homeostasis is another example of how an organism responds to a previous stimulus. Homeostasis in maintaining stable internal conditions. Your body temperature is a good example. When you are hot, your body cools itself by sweating. When you are cold, the muscles do small contractions to generate heat and you shiver.

Other responses can be conditioned to happen after the stimulus. This is why schools have fire drills. The stimulus is the loud blaring alarm, and the response is that students and teachers evacuate a building. The stimulus is an external physical event that occurs before the behavior response. The ability to respond to an environmental stimulus is one of the characteristics of all living things. Without the ability to respond to changing environments, the survival of the individual is at risk, as well as the long term survival of the species. Other characteristics of life are that all living things are made of cells, they have DNA, they grow and develop, they reproduce, and they obtain and use energy.

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