In Irving's "The Devil and Tom Walker," describe Tom Walker's first encounter with the devil.

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Washington Irving first sets the stage for Tom to meet the devil by providing information about Tom's mean and "miserly" character, his life at home with his willful wife, and the myth surrounding Kidd's buried treasure. On the day Tom meets the devil, he takes a shortcut home through the swamp that leads him to an old Indian fort. This fort is said to have been used by some for devil worship, which makes it a hallowed spot to meet "Old Scratch." Because Tom is such a rough character himself, he is not necessarily shocked to meet the devil; he's more surprised when he suddenly discovers another man sitting near him at the fort. The two argue over Deacon Peabody's property before Tom finds out his guest's identity. Irving explains Tom's response to meeting the devil as follows:

"One would think that to meet with such a singular personage in this wild, lonely place would have shaken any man's nerves; but Tom was a hard-minded fellow, not easily daunted, and he had lived so long with a...

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