In the "Iroquois Creation story", what importance do the Iroquois place on the characters in the story?

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hustoncmk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Iroquois Creation Story begins with the Sky People, in particular Sky Woman and her husband.  Her husband becomes outraged because she is about to give birth to twins and pushes her through a hole in the clouds and she begins tumbling towards Earth.  She is rescued from her tumble by two birds. The animals then try to bring mud up from the bottom of the water to create an island for the woman to live on. Finally a toad was able to bring a mouthful of mud. The animals spread this on the back of a turtle. 

The Iroquois call Earth "Turtle Island".  Animals are of great importance to the Iroquois and honored.  Traditionally, the Iroquois give thanks to the creator for everything they get prior to hunting, picking, or eating it.