Gabriel García Márquez

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¿Cuáles son ejemplos de íronia en el cuento, "La Viuda de Montiel"? What are some examples of irony in the story La Viude de Montiel?    

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Irony is defined as the narrator's choice to use language to juxtapose what is said to what it is intended to be said. This form of figurative language can manifest in epigrams, paradoxes, and sarcasm.

In "La Viuda de Montiel" the irony begins at the very beginning of the story, when Márquez describes the body of José (Chepe) Montiel at the day of his funeral. According to the narrator, the entire town feels avenged at the death of this man who, as the reader will later find out, was a despot. However, the manner in which the man's body is laid for eternal rest instills a feeling of veneration rather than hatred, particularly in the way that the body was prepared to lay to rest.

Estaba muy bien afeitado, vestido de blanco y con botas de charol, y tenía tan buen semblante que nunca pareció tan vivo como entonces. Era el mismo don Chepe Montiel de los domingos, oyendo misa de ocho, sólo que en lugar de la fusta tenía un crucifijo entre las manos.

Márquez uses antithesis to juxtapose the fact that this man's notorious, famous, and controversial life ended up like any "everyday Joe" would have ended. In fact, the simplistic and reductionist use of language denotes a tendency to downplay the man's life altogether, reminding us that, in the eyes of God, we are ultimately all the same: weak, sinful, and feeble.

José Montiel murió en su hamaca, un miércoles a las dos de la tarde, a consecuencia de la rabieta que el médico le había prohibido.

Another example of irony comes in the way that Montiel's surviving...

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