irony in Part 2 chapter 4Hey guys I am having trouble finding 2 examples of irony in Part 2 Chapter 4. Any help would be appreciated, please help explain what irony is and where to find it.

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is quite a bit of irony that surrounds the room that Winston rents from Mr. Charrington. He obtains the rented room easily enough. Mr. Charrington does not even bat a lash when Winston is obviously using the room for a love affair. He tells Winston that, "Privacy, he said, was a very valuable thing."Privacy and the thought of it are virtually impossible because it is impossible to know just how far the hand of the Party reaches. This statement becomes very ironic later when it is Mr. Charrington who has been watching from behind the painting and it is Mr. Charrington who turns Winston and Julia in to the thought police- Mr. Charrington works for the Party. Toward the end of the chapter Julia looks at the painting on the wall and suggests that there might be bugs behind it and that one day she would take it down and give it a good cleaning. It is ironic because she doesn't clean it, but had she tried she would have found that the picture was a telescreen and Mr. Charrington had been watching them through it, gathering evidence every time they met.

dan23 | Student

thanks so much.  This was very helpful.