iPhone Problem Ok. So I've had the iPod touch for a couple of years, and just recently got the iPhone the other day. A couple weeks ago, after syncing with iCloud on my iPod touch, all of my notes dissappered! And I had 367 notes. So when I got my iPhone, I was so excited and attempted to set up iCloud. A few minutes later, I noticed that all of my iPod touch notes automagically appeared on my iPhone! All 367 of them. And I don't want them on there. I'd rather them be on my iPod touch, so I could have a fresh start with notes on my iPhone. Only problem is, is I've tried every possible way I can think of to get the notes off of my iPhone, but nothing works. And I don't really want to go through all 367 of them to delete them. Any ideas that might work to get the notes off of my iPhone? Is there any special way I should sync it, or change the settings somewhere? I greatly appreciate any help you have to offer :)

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When you have iTunes open and you are going to sync your device, click on the device to bring up the menu of options for the device on the main screen:  apps, music, video, pictures, contacts.  You can choose to sync (or not) the notepad information for whichever device you happen to be syncing.

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