In, Introduction to Special Education, how can a teacher fulfill her requirement for FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education)in her day to day general education classroom?

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 In discussing Special Education, a teacher can fulfil his or her fulfill requirement for FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education)in her day to day general education classroom in several different ways, depending on the degree of need for each particular child concerned. No two special educational needs pupils are the same, and each has very individual needs. That is why the very first requirement must be the commissioning of a special needs report which shoiuld include a Needs Assessment, Risk Assessment and an IEP (Individual Education Plan.) This plan should be drawn up with the input of other professionals, such as health or welfare staff and of course parent, carers and previous teachers. 

In implementing the plan in school, the teacher may be lucky enough to have a Learning Support Tutor or classroom assistant allocated to the child, depending on the degree of difficulties. Children experiencing mild problems may be able to access a whole class assistant for short periods. The teacher's role is to direct the assistants in executing her lesson plan to make it accessible to the child. She needs to observe and monitor and keep good records so she can report back on progress to the head of Special Needs and parents/carers.  She also needs to assess the learning environment and report any obstacles to the child's full access to it.

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