Introduction of the history of English language?"The country England did not create English language,we can say the language English created the country England."How far is it true?

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The History of English reveals the story of three invasions and a cultural revolution.The language was brought to Britain by Germanic tribes;the Angles,Saxons and Jutes.Old English (500-1100AD)began with the Anglo saxons.The Romans withdrew their troops by the early 400s as a result of the constant attacks from the Irish,the picts from Scotland,the native Britons,and Anglo Saxons from across the North sea and the deteriorating state of the empire.In the 5th-6th AD,West Germanic invaders from Jutland and Southern Denmark:the Angles,Saxons and Jutes began to settle in the British Isles.They spoke a mutually intelligible language,similar to modern Frisian.The language of the Anglo Saxons;who were great warriers,was a blend of the dialects spoken by the west Germanic Tribes is known as old English.Four major dialets of old English emerged,northumbrian in the North of England,Mercian in the Midlands,West Saxon in the south and west and Kentish in the Southeast.These invaders pushed the original,Celtic-speaking inhabitants out of what is now England into Scotland,Wales,Cornwall and Ireland though the influence of their language on the English language is still conspicious.Vikings,Scandinavians who wre great merchants,the Norse spoke North germanic language Norse invaded and settled in the north-east of England.The Scandinavians tribes are danish,Norwegians,Swedes and finns.Out of these the Danes who invaded England three times were significant for their influence on English language. Middle English came in the period of (1100-1500AD).The strongest influence on the evolution of middle English was the Norman Conquest.William the cinqueror,the Duke of Normandy invaded and conquered England and the Anglo-Saxons in 1066AD.Then new overlords spoke a dialect of old French known as Anglo-Norman.Prior to the Norman conquest ,Latin had been only a minor influence on the English language.King John(1204AD) lost the province of Normandy to the king of France created a modified version of English to the Norman nobles a their native language.This mixture of the two languages came to known as Middle English. Early Modern English(1500-1800)began with the Renaissance around 1500-1650AD.Greek words came to English through Latin and French.Shakespeare was the most famous writer who wrote in Early Modern English introducing many new words,idioms and phrases to English language. Modern English(1800 to present) came as a result of the industrial revolution ,where the British Empire and military service a large number of words were introduced to English language.So with these facts it is fair to say that the English language created the country England.
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I woud also strongly recommend, dear anirbanmahato, not to count just on onine links and resources, but also to please find and read good books on English literature and its language/linguistic development. There are many fine books and am sure your teachers can recommend dozens, but id also suggest that for further details, youd do well to find and read Boris Ford's (Ed) ''History of English Literature'' Vols 1 and 2. This would give you good details yet in a simple, direct and well laid out manner.

Am giving the new revised version of this series (pub Pelican) link below, good luck!

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Circa 1066 onwards, when William the Conqueror (Duke of Normandy) conquered the area that is now termed 'England', a number of peoples or tribes lived there, most prominently the Angles and Saxons, who used the Angle and Saxon languages (Germanic origins); whereas the Norman/French conquerors used Norman-French , which became for quite some time thereafter the 'official' and dominant language of the land.

However, in due course of time, Both Saxon and Norman-French combined and fused to create a new language, 'Englishe' or 'English'-- thus, its evolutionary stages coveerd Old English, Middle English and Modern English, basically. prior to this, the various people inhabiting this area never really thought of themselves as one nation but as many people/s tribes etc, each with their own culture, language, ways and so on. However, it would be right to say that as 'English' gardually evolved as a language and it eventually became the language of common and daily use, by the 12th and 13th centuries, a sense of nationhood, of national identity linked to one land and one language began to emerge. Thus, in a sense, 'England' and 'Englishmen' were born, or came into being. This process took a long time indeed, and we can note that even as late as Tudor times, the process was going on, and was probably hastened by England's wars against Spain at that time.

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