Introduce the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas in a creative way. State the title, author, and genre of the novel.

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John Boyne is the author of the celebrated historical fiction novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which was published in 2006 and was adapted to film in 2008. Boyne's story is a fictional tale about a nine-year-old boy named Bruno, whose father is the Commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Bruno is too naive to fully comprehend the gravity of his family's situation or truly understand his new surroundings. Bruno refers to Auschwitz as Out-With and believes that the Jewish inmates are wearing pajamas. Initially, Bruno hates his new home at Out-With until he meets a young Jewish boy named Shmuel, who is sitting by himself on the opposite side of the fence.

Shmuel lives on the other side of the massive fence separating the inmates from the open, surrounding countryside. Bruno becomes close friends with Shmuel and begins giving him small rations of food during their brief meetings. Towards the end of the story, Bruno crawls underneath the fence and enters the concentration camp in order to help Shmuel find his father. Tragically, both boys are herded into a gas chamber and die in each other's arms. Boyne's tragic story explores the themes of childhood innocence, the importance of friendship, and the duality of human nature.

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This prompt seems like something a teacher would give a student to help guide the process of a book report or a book review. The first paragraph of this type of student essay needs to do a couple of things. I am not allowed to write it for you, but I can help start you on the right path.

As the prompt indicates, you need to tell your reader what book you are reviewing, and including the author's name is good to do too. Before that information is given, you need to get your reader interested in reading the rest of the paragraph and eventual paper. Your opening paragraph needs a good attention-getting hook. For a book review, I recommend doing one of two hooks. The first is to use a quote from the novel. Find a quote that sounds interesting or shocking. It should relate to a theme of the novel because it will help with later parts of the paper. For example, use the following quote.

But that's alright because I hate them too. I hate them.

Being that the book is about prisoners of war in the most horrific death camp ever created, the quote is quite applicable to characters and themes. The other hook that I recommend is to start by asking your reader a question. You can keep it simple. "What was it like to be a young boy in Auschwitz?" You can then answer that question by informing your reader that The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne is a work of historical fiction aimed at children or young adults.

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