"Into the Wild" help please!? Identify two specific details or examples (using quotes) from Chris McCandless’ childhood/high school years that seem to predict his later behavior.  What is it about these events that help to explain his actions as an adult?

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Near the end of his trip, it turned out, Chris had gotten lost in the Mojave Desert and had nearly succumbed to dehydration. His parents were extremely alarmed when they heard about this brush with disaster but were unsure how to persuade Chris to exercise more caution in the future.
"Chris was good at almost everything he ever tried," Walt reflects, "which made him supremely overconfident. If you attempted to talk him out of something, he wouldn’t argue. He’d just nod politely and then do exactly what he wanted."

This passage shows how Chris would push himself to extremes and not take care of his health. He was a person who did what he wanted to do, no matter what anyone else thought of it. His sister describes coming in to see him laying on his bed, frightfully thin. In his desire to spend time outdoors and pursue the life of a wanderer, Chris was willing to take on physical damage and put himself in danger. This foreshadows his eventual fate in Alaska. He wasn't willing to...

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