I'm preparing an interview on how sports have changed over the past two generations and I need 8 questions for both generations. Can you provide some questions that might help complete this interview?

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jgrodsky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe in your interview you are wishing to investigate the changes in our major sports in America so I will guide my possible questions toward that.

Since much of our sports world is now so involved with two different ideas, I will gear my questions towards these ideas: technology and medicine.

1) How have performance enhancing drugs (or the possibility of using them) changed the sports world?

2) Would each generation be equal without the use of PED's?

3) How has the medical world impacted sports? Considering the attention towards concussions and safety, especially in football and baseball, has this created a major difference?

4) How has statistical analysis, specifically Sabermetrics, changed our sports world?

4) How does the use of technology in sports make competition different?

5) Do you believe the use of instant replay has made the game better?

6) How does the media (including social media) influence the sports world?

7) How has the visibility of athletes in our community changed throughout the past generation?

8) Are athletes regarded in the same manner as they were in the past generations?

These questions should help you have a great conversation!

scisser | Student

First thing to do would be to find people to interview and the sports that they played/ coached.

Here are some questions that you can ask: (remember that some of these questions can be repeated if they are applicable).

  1. From your time, how has the sport become safer?
  2. What rules have been implemented to accomplish this task?
  3. How do you think that the diet has changed?

Hopefully this is enough to. Just try to think of questions that would relate to each person.