interrelation of language ,society and culture? please explain with examples.

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Is there a relationship between on one side a Language and on the other Society and Culture ?

In case that you have read the famous novel of Jack Vance : The Languages of Pao, you would be convinced that language determines society and culture.

Indeed, in the community of the planet PAO there exist no words for meanings as war, killing, fighting and so forth. Therefore an eternal peace installed itself upon this happy planet.

About half a light year further another planet is situated where the population is skilled in techniques, Yet no words for love, affection, compassion and the like; Would you like to life there ?

But, I think that the relationship is exactly the other way around !


My main example is about a language spoken in the Congo : Lingala. This idiom has been used by the military and it sounds very harsh ! Listen to Radio Kinshasa, and you will see what I mean.

Another example : hear the difference between Spanish and Italian.

The mother language of Spanish is Latin. This has been imposed by the Romans after a long and bitter fight. Later on the Goths invaded the country, followed by Muslims. The Kingdom of Castilia could get them out after a bloody war of more than seven centuries: the Reconquista. In the aftermath Spain conquered America by killing Indians. Indeed Spanish is a harsh languages.

On the contrary, Rome ruled the world a very long time and imposed the Pax Romana. Yes, later on Goths and Longobards invaded the country, but they were quickly assimilated. As you know the soft Italian languages was initiated by the poet Dante.

Yes society generates language !

Now, My questions to you :

Why the Dutch around Randstad sounds in the ear as a throat disease ?

Why Arabic spoken in the desert is one of the most ugly languages with a lack of vowels ?

Why Indonesian sounds so nicely ?

Why in French are there so many nasal sounds and why the R is pronounced in the throat ?

Why English spoken in Ireland is softer than in Australia ?

Why the same for German spoken in Austria than in Prussia ?


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