Interpret the message that "knowledge is love and light and vision" as expressed by Helen Keller in The Story of My Life. 

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Helen Keller's autobiographical account of the first twenty two years of her life, as told in The Story of My Life, serves as a motivational tool for many people looking for inspiration and guidance. Helen acknowledges the people who helped her succeed and is often poetic and vivid in her descriptions.

Annie Sullivan will shortly arrive to "set my spirit free" (ch 1) and this quotation-  that "knowledge is love and light and vision"- comes from chapter 3. It is a biblical reference from Exodus 19 and Helen is comparing her imminent release from "the unconsciousness of a new-born baby"(ch 1) to Moses' escape from Egypt. Moses comes down from the mountain with The Ten Commandments and they will shape humanity for all time. Such is the intensity of Helen's "escape" and the power of knowledge. 


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