The Internet has transformed the shape and form of business enterprises.Do you agree or disagree?  Please give reasons for your answer.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Just to underscore what has already been stated, the internet has, indeed, transformed businesses as well as having created new ones.  enotes is, obviously, one of the examples of an online company that has its reason for being solely because of the internet.

With the ease with which companies can trade via the internet comes also the ease with which banks can operate as money can now be transferred electronically.

Businesses are also afforded more exposure than before the use of the internet.  Advertising can reach millions with ease.  There are also websites on which these businesses can receive and post feedback from customers.  If, for example, a sustantial number of customers are disgruntled about a service, or product, the business can rectify the issue before their sales are damaged too badly.  In another instance, testimony from happy customers on a particular vacation cruise line, certainly contributes to their credibility as a reliable company.

epollock | Student

The Internet has definitely transformed the shape andform of business enterprises simply for the reason that the Internet can be another sales outlet for a company in which customers on-line can purchase products and services. Many companies only exist on-line, and for some, the Internet can be a substantial contribution to a company's bottom line. Therefore, with the importanceof the Internet as a source of customers, it can not be understated the extent to which it can contribute to the survival of the company. When you think of most companies, you think of using the Internet to buy everything from plane tickets to renting movies.