Intermediate sanctions were developed to fill the gap between regular probation and incarceration. Explain Which sanction is most effective?

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As far as to determine which sanction is more effective you would have to analyze the misdemeanor, or crime, that the individual being sanctioned committed. A sanction is a punishment. In the situation that you are describing, the individual seems to be on a waiting period before becoming incarcerated and having been declared guilty. Hence, the justice system wants to give him a consequence as he waits for his sentencing to take place.

What would be his best punishment? In essence, something related to forced labor, such as picking up trash in the highway (a most popular and less invasive approach) or admitting to guilt in an academic forum.Those are often forms of intermediate sanctions.

I, however, would cut the middle man and would make them serve on a prison full of dangerous people, so that they would learn the first try.