In "The Interlopers", how does Georg Znaeym respond to both of Ulrich's offers?

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While both men are pinned beneath a tree, Ulrich offers Georg some wine from his flask. Georg refuses his offer. He claims that he does not drink wine with his enemy:

Ulrich manages to draw his wine flask out of his coat pocket. He drinks some wine and, feeling something akin to pity, offers it to Georg. Georg refuses on the grounds that he does not drink wine with an enemy.

Ulrich really offered the wine flask to Georg out of pity. Georg is offended. He refuses to drink with an enemy. At this point in the story, Georg is very much annoyed with his enemy. He is expecting his group of men to find him and rescue him. He plans to leave Ulrich there, promising to roll the tree on top of him.

All of a sudden, Ulrich decides to make a truce with Georg. He offers his friendship. Ulrich mentions that the feud has gone on long enough. Georg thinks about Ulrich's proposal for a long while:

During a few moments of silence, an idea comes to Ulrich. He proposes to Georg that they bury their quarrel. He believes that they have been fools and asks Georg for his friendship. After a long silence, Georg answers, accepting Ulrich's proposal.

After thinking about Ulrich's idea for a peace treaty, Georg has a change of heart. He decides to accept Ulrich's peace offering. He realizes the feud has been foolish. Georg opens his heart and accepts Ulrich's offer to resolve their differences. The two men decide to become friends after years of heated feuding. Although Ulrich is the first to make amends, Georg finally agrees the feud has gone on long enough. Georg accepts Ulrich's offer for friendship.

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