intergrate _ _ how to make 0.9 9 to fractional  

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It is easy to convert a decimal number into a fraction. You must follow the next steps:

1. Draw a fraction bar: /

2. Write above the fraction bar the number you see after the decimal point: 99/

3. Put under the fraction bar the digit 1, followed by as many zeros as digits are found after the decimal point. In this case, there are two digits after the decimal point(99), therefore 1 will be followed by two zeros: 99/100

CONCLUSION: 0.99 = 99/100

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A number with a decimal point can easily be converted to a fraction.  Remember that the first place to the right of the decimal point is 10 and the second place is 100.  In the case of 0.99, we know that the denominator, or lower number of the fraction, will be 100 since we have two numbers to the right of the decimal point.  Now, place the two numbers as the numerator, or top number, and simply the fraction when applicable.  Since we cannot simplify this fraction, 0.99 in the form of a fraction is 99/100.  We can test our work by dividing 99 by 100 on our calculator.  We will get 0.99 as the answer.

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