Interesting informaton about "The Cask Of Amontillado"

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Your statement is not very specific, but here are a few interesting facts about Poe's classic short story.

It has long been debated where Poe got the idea for the murderous plot conceived by Montresor. Some historians argue that it was based on a quarrel between Poe and several other poets; others claim that Poe used previous Italian writings as inspiration; yet another belief is that the story stemmed from an old Boston legend. In any case, the gruesome yet bloodless murder remains one of the most memorable in all American literature.

There are religious connotations: Montresor is a Catholic; Fortunato is a Mason. Another question concerns Montresor's feelings of guilt--if indeed he had any. Critics argue over this, some feeling that Montresor spent a half century overwhelmed by his act, while others read no guilt whatsoever in Montresor.

Several of the ironies found in the story are inspired, particularly concerning the name Fortunato ("fortunate") and the "motley" jester's garb he wears. Since no time nor setting is revealed by Poe, those facts have always been a subject of debate; most critics believe the story is set in either Italy or Spain in the late 18th or early 19th century.

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