interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. interesting things about Egypt, can be their belives, way of dressing, eating,,,and so on..

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The Cat was a symbol of Fertility and sexuality, which is why later Ancient Egyptians painted their eye to mimick those of cats.

Dreams were thought to be communications from the Gods and clues to thier futures.

Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead. The process of mummification took 70 days, where all organs were removed save the heart, the body was packed with spices and herbs, packed in a natural salts that grew along the coast in Egypt for 35 days. When this time was up the salt would have dried the body out completely. The mummifiers would return and wrap the body up with cloth with prayers written on them. They stuck the cloth on with resin.

--Everyday Life:

Egyptians, the commoners as well as the wealthy, lived in houses made of dried mud bricks. Pharoah also lived in similar accomodations. Only the temples for their gods were made out of stone.

The staple food was bread and beer, as well as by onions, other vegetables, and dried fish.

Meat was not eaten often by the common folk. Meat was typically eaten by most only on festive, or special, occasions.


Ancient Egyptians wore tunics made of linen with fringes hanging about the legs, called "calasiris", and loose white woollen cloaks.


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