Is inter-racial marriages a current debate today?  I must write a paper about a current debate and my teacher doesnt think this is a current problem, what do you think?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This depends greatly upon the community in which you live. 

For many Americans today, interracial relationships and marriages are not controversial in any way.  I live in a very conservative part of America and yet no one has ever commented on my interracial marriage.  I have ex-students who are involved in white-black marriages and in white-Hispanic marriages.  Again, no one makes any trouble for these people.

However, there are segments of the population for whom this is an issue.  For example, there are many African Americans who feel that it is wrong for black women to marry “outside the race.”  There are other ethnic groups that feel the same.  There are, of course, many whites who would also not like an interracial relationship within their family even if they are not theoretically against them. 

For most Americans, then, this is not a current issue.  For some, though, it is current.  However, it is not nearly as “hot-button” of a topic today as things like gay marriage, abortion, and illegal immigration.

dpotucek12 | Student

I believe it is a current debate due to the fact that people still frown upon people marrying outside of their culture.