`int (x^2 - 5x + 16)/((2x + 1)(x - 2)^2) dx` Evaluate the integral

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Let's first express the integrand as sum of proper rational expressions by applying partial fraction decomposition,






Now equate the coefficients of the polynomial in the numerator on the both sides,

`A+2B=1` --------------------------------(1)

`-4A-3B+2C=-5`  -----------------(2)

`4A-2B+C=16`  ----------------------(3)

Now let's solve the above three equations by the method of substitution,

From equation 1 :`A=1-2B`

Substitute the above value of A in equation 2 ,




`5B+2C=-1`     ------------------------ (4)

Now substitute the value of A in equation 3,





`-10B+C=12`    -----------------------(5)

Now solve the equations 4 and 5 by the method of elimination,

Multiply equation 4 by 2,

`10B+4C=-2`  ----------------------(6)

Now add the equations 5 and 6,



Plug the value of C in equation 5.




Plug the value of B in equation 1.






Now let's evaluate the above three integrals,


Let's apply the integral substitution:`u=2x+1`




Substitute back u=2x+1,


Now let's evaluate `int1/(x-2)dx`

apply integral substitution: `v=x-2`




substitute back v=x-2,


Now let's evaluate integral `int1/(x-2)^2dx`

apply the integral substitution: t=x-2






Substitute back t=x-2,



`=3/2ln|2x+1|-ln|x-2|-2/(x-2)+C`   where C is a constant


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