`int_0^2 (2x - 3)(4x^2 + 1) dx` Evaluate the integral

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Neethu eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We have to evaluate the integral:




                                `=[2(2^4)-4(2^3)+(2^2)-3(2)` `=[2(2^4)-4(2^3)+2(2^2)-3(2)]-0`

                                 `=2(16)-4(8)+4-6` `=2(16)-4(8)-2(4)-6`

                                  `=32-32+4-6` `=32-32-8-6`

                                   `=-2` `=-14`

So, the answer is -2.

scisser | Student

Multiply the terms out


Find the antiderivative of each term: `int (a^n=(a^(n+1))/(n+1))`


Plug in the upper limit and subtract away the lower limit



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