Instructional Coaching My school district is moving to an instructional coaching model.  I was wondering if anyone on enotes had experience with this type of system and what benefits they saw from it.

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Thanks for your input.  I know that much of what you are talking about will be implemented in my district, but the coaching is going to be directed at teaching the teachers, not the students. 

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I have no direct experience in my classroom, but my district began adding instructional coaches in the last few years. My perception and understanding, as one not directly involved, was that the coaches were meant to serve largely in an advisory role. If a classroom teacher needed ideas for another way to approach presenting a topic to reach students with other learning needs or styles than those the teacher knew how to address, for example, the instructional coach might help locate materials and come into the classroom and present demonstration lessons to illustrate a different teaching methodology. The coach might also do intensive tutoring with a student or small group of students on a short term basis to help the student(s) get past a specific problem area.

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