Instead of saying sugar and ribbons, can i replace it with glucose and bows in order to make my writing more creative?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly, as a writer, you are able to do whatever you like.  Having said that, there is a way to use creativity in something more than word choice.  I understand that "sugar" and "bows" might not be the most inspired of word choice, and I think "ribbons" is a nice choice of word variance.  The use of "glucose" brings with it a scientific element to the writing that strikes the reader as "off."  I think that you might want to use creativity to describe properties (another scientific term) of the ribbons or sugar.  I think that in being able to redescribe their ribbons and sugar in different ways, creativity is evident and there is a greater exploration of the concepts.  You can still use the words, but in being able to describe them in different ways, you are able to bring out creative elements and allow the reader to think about the ribbons and sugar in a manner that appeals to them and forges connection between the writing and the reading.  I think that being able to use creative ways to describe the ribbons and sugar in elements such as size, color, and other sensory perceptive elements can help you achieve the desired element in the writing without having to use word choice that might achieve a different effect than originally desired.

miriamhoward | Student

Glucose and bows will not make the writing more creative. If you are talking about Mollie in Animal Farm sugar and ribbons would work better.