Inspite of the things around us, e.g. nature, why are there still people who dont believe the existence of God?

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Some people do not consider nature evidence of God. After all, evolution is based on the idea that every living thing comes from single celled organisms that evolved from the primordial soup. If you don't believe life can be created spontaneously, that does leave divine intervention.

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I think we need to remember that the issue of whether one believes in God or not is intensely personal and not something that we can enforce or require of others. Belief in God is an issue that all of us need to decide by ourselves, which involves looking at our own lives and our perception of the world and weighing up what evidence we feel is important. There is certainly enough evidence out there from scientists and evolutionary biologists that could be used to "disprove" the existence of God and the theory of intelligent design, and so much continues to be discovered about nature and the world that could support the disbelief in God. At the end of the day, belief in God or not requires an act of faith, and we need to be sensitive towards those who have come to a different conclusion compared to our own conclusion.

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