What was the influence and connection of the Civil Rights Movement on property?property and Civil Rights Movement

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the one of the critical effects the Civil Rights Movement had was on the owning and acquisition of property for African- Americans, and people of color in general.  Prior to the Civil Rights Movements, there was a type of covert discrimination in many Northern communities.  This covert racism kept neighborhood homogeneously grouped and under different facades, this became the norm.  There were certain neighborhoods where people of color were not welcome.  While there was nothing institutionalized and stated for the record, it was evident in both practice and composition.  One of the impacts of the Civil Rights Movement's call for integration "with all deliberate speed" (quoting Brown v. Board of Education) was that it stressed to African- Americans the importance of owning property in any neighborhood they wished.  This was critical in negating, or minimizing, the effect of covert racism.  With the call for integration, and the focus on fair housing practices and laws to protect such claims, the Civil Rights Movement made inroads in property acquisition.  The argument combined both political rights (the right to be free) and economic rights (the right to make, keep, and spend one's own money.)  Both forces converged and proved to be a lasting effect of the Civil Rights Movement's connection to property.