Information SystemsWhat Laws do you think the United States should pass to protect personal informational? None? Laws such as EU has? Stricter laws then the European Union? Why? Should some personal informational be more protected then other informational? Why or why not?

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The reason we attempted in the United States to safeguard the Right of Privacy in the Bill or Rights was because personal information is always eventually used as a means of control by authorities.

If you're not violating another's Rights, it's no business of anyone else where you go, who you call, or what you watch; to have that monitored and recorded without your consent is abominable.

The presumption should be that all data is private, unless you have explicity granted consent for its use.  Sadly, the presumption now is just the opposite. The notion of warrants, where government was required to state its case regarding illegal activity seems to have gone by the wayside.

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I think that there are some harmless and even beneficial ways to collect information.  However, we are being spied on by everyone!  Companies collect data from our internet use, and our smart phones.  Anyone can track us anywhere by our car or phone, if they can hack into the system. It's a scary thought.

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I think that the laws should not have a blanket protection for personal information.  However, I do think that companies should have to inform us of what information they are gathering and what purposes they will use it for.  Then they should allow us to opt out if we wish. Some of the information gathering is good for us (like with Amazon gathering it so that they can suggest books to us).  We wouldn't want laws that preclude that sort of thing that is useful to us as consumers.

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