Information about romeo's character in the play of Romeo and Juliet.Please sketch the character

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Romeo belongs to the Montague household; he is the son to Lord and Lady Montague.  Romeo is, throughout history, is almost thought of as a great lover.  His first love is to a woman named Rosaline, although she is quickly tossed aside when he sees Juliet - the woman he will quickly take as his bride.  He is a young man (most guess his age to be approximately 17 years old), and is an avid reader of love poetry.  He is also immature and impulsive (setting Rosaline to the side at first glance of Juliet, proclaiming his deep love to Juliet only mere hours after meeting, and marrying Juliet within days of meeting), but he is also a likeable character.  His idealistic view of love and life, as well as his passionate character make him a strong lover in the eyes of the reader.  As the son of a Montague, he is placed in the midst of a violent blood fued between his family and the Capulet family (Juliet's family).  However, even though his family is interested in conquering the Capulets, Romeo is not at all interested in violence - his interest is with love.  Romeo is also a loyal and affectionate friend to Benvolio and Mercutio.  He also takes guidance from and acts with the loyalty of son to Father Lawrence. 

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