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"The Gold Bug" is one of Poe's most popular stories. It becomes a story of mystery and a treasure hunt. Briefly, WIlliam Legrand, a sort of a recluse, finds a Gold Beatle next to a shipwreck. Upon trying to draw the Beatle on a piece of paper also taken from the shipwreck, Legrand discoveres other markings. From these markings, Legrand deduces that there is a buried treasure, buried by the notorious Captain Kidd. He solves the cryptogram, does some research, and deduces where the treasure is buried. He calls his friend to help him, but the friend assumes that Legrand is going mad, but follows him anyway. After using the Golden Bug to drop through a skull in a tree, and following it the fifty feet that the de-crypted instructions said, Legrand and his unnamed friend find a treasure of approximatly 1.5 million dollars.

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