Identify the significance of the growth in local Ambattur newspapers.

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I would suggest that the rise in local newspapers in Ambattur is significant for a couple of reasons.  The first is that any rise in media within a specific locality represents growth of that locality.  This is certainly true in the case of Ambattur.  During the last ten years, the population in the region has increased by over 50%.  This reflects a new mass media market, whereby more news organizations and newspapers become more telling.  The exact reason as to why this is the case is Ambattur's establishment as an IT hub of activity.  The Ambattur Industrial Estate is home to companies like Dell, HCL, and Tata Consultancy Services.  With this, as well as the growth of textile industries in the region, a greater demand for news and for media, in general, is evident in Ambattur.  The growth of English periodicals and news papers like Ambattur Talkrepresents both the literacy in the area as well the growing trend of globalization in the region and in the nation, in general.  The "new India" is an urban one, highly literate, and one in which mass media is satisfying a craving out of the body politic.  In addition, the establishment of periodicals like South Indian Post and Town News help to bring out the basic need of all Indians in that population centers require local newspapers, proving relevant to local concerns.  A nation that consumes over 99 million newspaper copies in 2007 is reflective of this need for local politics to be covered by local newspapers, reflective in the growth of local media in Ambattur.

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