Informal groups in an organization can be detrimental to management. Agree or disagree

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I feel that the more appropriate discussion point might be their inevitability.  In my mind, there is a certain inevitability towards cliques or informal groups being formed in the workplace.  Trying to stamp them out might actually create a greater detriment as all of them could very well coalesce against management.  I think that a fine line must be walked here.  The first element to be taken into account is that these groups will reflect individual temperaments.  Perhaps, they are formed because of a like of certain artistic expressions, or in support of a particular sporting team or activity.  They will exist.  In some respects, they can help enhance the work climate and emotional atmosphere of the organization because they are reflective of individual temperaments or tastes.  Management should be vigilant to make sure that they are not centered on anti- establishment measures.  If they cross this line on a consistent and destructive basis, then I believe that being able to intervene and clearly establish boundaries is a must of any manager or individual in the position of power.