info on the book for studenti dont understand the questions i get, we get passages to read from the book and then have to answer but this books passages make no sence please help

chapterendnotes | Student

Tell your teacher!!! As fast as you can. Let your teacher know that what you are reading makes no sense to you. That way, your teacher will realize that you are trying. Your teacher may have other ways for you understand what you are reading. He or she  may offer more help after school, a tutor, a movie, a website, etc. As long as you ask for help and try, you are half way to getting this frustration fixed.

The suggestion above, by krausel, is excellent as well. Try everything!

Hope that helps!


Stacey G

krausel | Student

Try reading the passages out loud to yourself, or have someone else read the passages out loud to you.  Sometimes hearing the words will help them make more sense.  You can download many books onto an ipod or mp3 player from a website called Audible or from itunes.  You can also check your local public library for books on CD.