How was Emily's judgment influenced by love?

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a complex topic, but the love that Emily had for her father and for Homer are two different types.  Also, I am sure her father loved her; however, he clearly did not have his daughter's best interests at heart because he kept her sheltered and this was not good for Emily.  She was unable to socialize like normal teens were able to and she was also not allowed to date.  She had an unhealthy attachment to her father and this caused her to have difficulty letting go when he died.  His death devastated her and this is why she could not suffer this kind of loss again and why she killed Homer.  She may have simply latched onto him because he came along after her father died and she needed someone to connect with.  Emily, more than likely, simply wanted attention from a man because she had never had it before and because she had such jaded views about relationships, she thought Homer should love her and stay wit her.  Emily obviously loved her father and had an unhealthy attachment to him.  He was the only male figure in her life.  Unfortunately for Emily, her father's very strict treatment was not a good thing for her.  It drove her later in life engage in behaviors that were unhealthy for her and dangerous for Homer, obviously:

The narrator’s various clues...and the town’s grotesque discovery at the end of the story suggest that Emily is driven to murder when she begins to fear that Homer may leave her. (eNotes)