If a infant and toddler classroom has inapropriate elements what appropriate changes should be made?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, I would try to determine what these inappropriate elements are. It would be important to do a little research by talking to other parents and even looking on the Internet. Who knows, perhaps these things are not inappropriate? If there is consensus that something is inappropriate, then here are some possible next steps.

First, you would to determine the level of inappropriateness. If is it completely inappropriate, then the authorities might have to be involved and others who watch over the safety of children. If it is not serious, but still inappropriate, here are some wise steps.

Second, talk with the teachers and administrator and express you concerns and the concerns of other parents. Having more than one parent concerned adds weight to your case. Hopefully things will be resolved right away. You might want to even volunteer to help, if the problem is due to finances.

If nothing changes, you will have to escalate things. Get the top leader involved. If all else fails, then you might have to leave.

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